Kara Kral, Denizli Kara Kral, B1952

B1952 Yatak Odası, B1952 Banyo, B1952 Spa, B1952 Peştemal, B1952 Oturma Odası

Denizli Yatak Odası, Denizli Banyo, Denizli Spa, Denizli Peştemal, Denizli Oturma Odası


About Us

Kara Kral

Suppiluliuma (ca. 1344 - 1322 BC) the first Hittite king, whose name is Hittite. While Suppi means pure in Hittite and luli means source; Suppiluliuma means  pure origin. The Hittite king, who left his mark on the history of the
Near East for about 35 years, is considered the ruler who transformed the Hittite Kingdom into an empire.

During his reign, the Great Hittite Empire experienced its heyday and the defense of the old capital, Hattusa, was strengthened. After the country was attacked from all sides, the state wich had shrunk, regrouped and made it
the largest state in the Near East. Suppiluliuma is one of the oldest and most famous kings, famoust for his generosity and wealth of his time.

Behind Kara Kral; you will find a third generations textile company youngsters who is in it to reform / restructure their grandpa’s work with their own style. It is simply a form of respect to the soil of this country, to working women, to its cotton and string and finally giving back to the fellow industrialist who never gives up despite all. In other words, this is the result of these youngsters willing to showcase their local production outside their hometown to the World They have been in this since three generations, born and bred in Denizli, they came together with a completely different set of eyes, the cool gal Eliff Karadayi and want to share with you the textile culture. Like the famous king Suppiluliuma (Kara Kral) who turned a small piece of land into and empire, we want this brand to spread around the world and looking
forward to be watching it together with you.

Yours sincerely.